Family Life Academy Charter School III

Ms. Farhana Rahman » Biography


After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in English at St. John’s University in 2008, she pursued a career in education. Ms. Rahman began as a toutor providing general homework assistance to third and fourth graders focusing on improving their reading and math skills. Subsequently, she worked as a substitute teacher at the Muslim Center Elementary School, where she taught the seventh grade, preparing lesson plans for all subjects. Thereafter, she began working in a neighborhood day care center in Queens. During her time at All Children’s Child Care, she also provided afterschool assistance with homework to students from impoverished backgrounds. As a Bengali-American who grew up in New York City, she experienced first-hand the challenges that low-income and first-generation students face when it comes to receiving a proper education. With these life and teaching experiences, she came to FLACS III with the hope of further nourishing the young minds of the South Bronx while also improving her teaching skills in this exciting new endeavor.