Family Life Academy Charter School III


From Hitsville U.S.A. to Motown


African American History Month Celebration

Last month in celebration of Black History Month, FLACS III and their Performing Arts teacher Ms. Velazquez celebrated musicians like Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five through song and dance performances. They explored the history of "Motown: How it all Began." and the story of "How a Young Michael Jackson Amazed Berry Gordy." 

For those who were able to attend we hope you enjoyed the show! If you were unable to attend the various celebrations; below are photos and videos of what you missed. 

We would also like to send out our sincerest gratitude to the parents and staff for your patience through our various show postponements. 

Class K-01 Team Purple Dragons and K-02 Team Dragons
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Class 1-01 Team Cheetah and 1-02 Team Awesome Kids
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Class 2-01 Team Dab and 2-02 Team Pokemon Go
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Click here for a fun extra clip of one of our own students "transforming" during their MJ's Thriller performance. Guaranteed to make you smile!
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